Nursery teacher's training

In view of rapid economic development, our existing education system has proved to be inadequate in meeting the growing needs for instructions in diversified areas. The need for better systematic education of children by properly trained teachers is real. Teacher’s vocational training should not be seen merely as a means of creating a positive attitude towards work and an increase in the skill base of students. It is actually a strategy to create a full range of competences for meeting the manpower needs of the country in various sectors of economy as also for facilitating self-employment.The major objectives of vocational education are:-

  • 1.Promoting individual employability.
  • 2.To reduce mismatch between the demand and supply of skilled manpower
  • 3.To provide a viable option other than pursuing higher education without any purpose or utility.

Min. Qualification Fees Amount Course Duration Exam Duration
10 + 2 Rs. 9,500/- 1 Year / 2 Years 15 Days

Subjects Covered in NTT Program Theory Subjects Marks
1 (a) Child Psychology
(b) Child Care & Health
2 Sociology & Guidance 100
3 School Organization 100
4 Principles of Education 100
5 Educational Psychology 100
6 Modern Methods of Teaching 100
7 Methods of Teaching Topic 100
8 Lesson Planning & Teaching 100
9 Arts & Craft 100
10 Arts File & Plan Book 100
11 Preparation of Teaching Aids 100
12 Rhymes, Action Songs, Speech, Story 100
13 VIVA 100