Diploma Program in Electrical Engineering(DEE)

Course Duration
3 Years
Course Fees
Rs. 54000 /-
10th Or ITI Passed.



The basic purpose of the course is to open a medium of admission for completing programs for students, who have done the 10th/ITI and are interested in taking Business as a career. Also after completing diploma Program, a student should be able to get access level job in the field of Electrical Engineering in any MNC Company.

The broad field of electrical engineering involves working with all manners of electronic devices, from pocket calculators to super-computers. Since technology is always changing and expanding, the need for electrical engineers is always growing. Electrical engineers specifically design, develop, and test electrical equipment. Like any other kind of scientist, they must also know how to communicate their ideas to others in their field. There are approximately 10 key industry sectors in which electrical engineers are employed. These sectors are:
2.energy and electric power
8.education and research
9.transportation and automotive
10.service industry

Through DIMES Electrical Engineering Courses, the future electrical engineers will have a clear understanding of the ways electricity is generated and controlled. The successful electrical engineers will possess not only an understanding of his or her area of concentration, but also a broad grasp of engineering in general.

The Diploma Programme in Electronics & Communication aims to help the learners develop the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary for working with IT companies. The programme provides indepth theoretical and practical knowledge. The Project Work and practicals that form a major component of the programme would help the learners develop the requisite attitudes and skills necessary for working effectively. The Diploma Programme is very specifically vocational in nature, opening avenues for employment as well as self employment.

Eligibility: For applying to Diploma in Electrical engineering students must have 10th or ITI passed.

Medium of Instruction: English

Duration: Minimum 3 years and Maximum 5 years; offered in both January & July cycle of admissions

Fee Structure: Rs. 54000/- for full programme to be paid Semester wise @Rs. 9000/- per semester.


Semseter I
  1. Engineering Physics
  2. Engineering Mechanics
  3. Engineering Mathematics
  4. English Communication
  5. Computer
Semseter II
  1. Engineering Chemistry
  2. EPower Generation
  3. Engineering Drawing
  4. Electrical Technology
  5. Strength of Material
Semseter III
  1. Switch Gear & Protection
  2. Electrical Measurement & Measuring Instrument
  3. Electrical Engineering
  4. Engineering Mechanics
  5. Industrial Electrical & Control of Device
Semseter IV
  1. Fundamental Of Computers
  2. Electrical Engineering Drawing
  3. Electrical Machines
  4. Applied & Digital Electronics
  5. Basic Electronics
Semseter V
  1. Switch Gear & Protection
  2. Instrumentation
  3. Electrical Circuits & Networks
  4. Electrical Mechanics
  5. Control Systems
Semseter VI
  1. Environmental Engineering
  2. Microprocessor
  3. Testing & Maintenance of Electrical Machines
  4. Engineering Materials