Diploma Program in Electronics Engineering

Course Duration
2 years /3 years
Course Fees
Rs. 54000 /-
10th/ ITI


Electronics Engineering is exciting and fundamentally important in society. Imagine how different the world would be today without the many technologies developed by electronic engineers - a world without computers, telephones, television, radio, video and the many other electronic systems that touch our daily lives. The job opportunities for electronics engineers are now better than ever. Electronics engineers work in the design, development and production of new technological systems, including work on computer networks, signal processing, telecommunications, wireless systems, integrated circuit design, opto-electronic systems and software development Electronic engineers have been at the cutting edge of building the new information-based economy for the 21st century. Electronics Engineers can find employment both in private sector and public sector units like:-
1.All India Radio,
2.Indian Telephone Industries,
4.National Physical Laboratories
6.Civil Aviation Department
7.Post and Telegraph Department
8.Co-ordination Department
9.National Physical Laboratory
10.Bharat Electronics Limited
11.Development Centers in various States etc. dealing in manufacture, sales and services of electronics consumer goods and appliances


Electronics engineers are demanded in the entertainment transmission industry, research establishments, and defense. They can also opt for teaching and research in engineering colleges
Our DIMES Electronics Engineering Courses include in-depth study on both hardware and software and prepares our graduates for the full range of careers available in information technology.
DIMES Electronics Engineering Courses will enhance the evolving nature of information technology and will enable engineers to become proficient in BOTH the hardware and software components of information technology.