Master Program in Computer Application(MCA)

Course Duration
3 Years/2 years
Course Fees
Rs. 90000 /-
MCA Must Have A B.C.A./B.Sc./ B.Com/B.A. Degree With Mathematics As One Of The Subjects At 10+2 Level Or At Graduation


The basic purpose of the course is to open a medium of admission for completing programs for students, who have done BCA/Bachelor in estreem and are interested in taking Business as a career. Also after completing MCA Program, a student should be able to get access level job in the field of MCA.The broad objective of the MCA is to prepare graduate students for productive careers in software industry academia by providing an outstanding environment for teaching and research in the core and emerging areas of the discipline. The programme’s thrust is on giving the students a thorough and sound background in theoretical and application oriented courses relevant to the latest computer software development. The programme emphasizes the application of software technology to solve mathematical, computing, communications/networking and commercial problems. The Master’s Programme Course has been designed with a semester approach in mind.

The first year courses are aimed at skills development in computers using various technologies, the second year is more focused on core courses providing a conceptual framework and the third year provides the specialization and the project work.

Eligibility: Any Bachelor’s degree of minimum 3 (three) year duration from a recognized University and Mathematics as one of the subject at 10+2 level or graduation level, otherwise candidate is required to opt the Basic Mathematics along with the 1st Semester.

Medium of Instruction: English

Fee Structure: Rs. 90,000/- for full program to be paid semester wise @Rs. 15,000/- per semester.

Programme Details: The programme has been divided into two semesters per year (January-June and July-December). Consequently, there will be two examinations every year – one in the month of June for the January to June Semester courses and the other is December for the July to December semester courses. The students are at liberty to appear any of the examinations conducted by the dimes institute during the year subject to completing the minimum time frame and other formalities prescribed for the programme.


Semseter I
  1. Programming With C
  2. Discrete Mathematics
  3. Computer Organization
  4. Communication Skill
  5. Programmin with C++
Semseter II
  1. Java Programming
  2. Database Management System
  3. Data Structure Through C
  4. Networking
  5. Java Programming Advance
Semseter III
  1. Software Engineering
  2. Finance & Cost Accounting
  3. Operating System
  4. Analysis & Design of Algorithm
  5. Finance and Analysis I
Semseter IV
  1. Network Security
  2. Software Testing
  3. Data Warehousing & Mining
  4. Project
  5. Network Designing
Semseter V
  1. J2EE
  2. Artificial Intelegence
  3. Stastical Techniques
  4. Computer Graphics
  5. Graphics Program
Semseter VI
  1. E-Commerce
  2. Operating System
  3. Data Warehousing & Mining
  4. Project
  5. Data Programming