• When Can I start my course?
    It is flexible program - you chose to commence your course - start date as per your option.

  • How much support will I receive?
    Institute assist you in your studies by providing books, course material, assignment and assessment of assignment. Feedback on your program & also assist you in advising on your weakness or support on email.

  • How to make payment of my course?
    Usually you can pay in full, or pay a 50% deposit and then the balance you can pay in installments. Made their payment through Demand Draft or Cheque in favour of Delhi Institute of Management and Engineering Studies payable at New Delhi

  • Are there any other charges that I will need to pay?
    No, there will be no need to pay any charges. Your total course fees includes all charges like- study material , registration fees & examination fees.

  • Can I have a refund , If I am not satisfied?
    After enrolment, our process do not permit withdrawal from course curriculum - fees once paid are adjusted against internal process (Non refundable & Non - Adjustable).

  • Are your courses recognized internationally?
    DIMES conduct course on prescribed course curriculum of global standards - certificates issued by DIMES - subject to local approval of various institutes as per their respective local laws governing their countries.

  • Do I need to attend classes?
    No, this is not necessary. All your studies can be completed by distance learning.

  • What is Distance Education?
    Distance education, or distance learning, is a field of education that focuses on the pedagogy, technology, and instructional system designs that aim to deliver education to students who are not physically ‘on site’.

  • What is DIMES Institute?
    DIMES Institute is a learning center of professional and academic programs.

  • Will DIMES provide study material?
    Yes DIMES will provide study materials to you. Moreover, there are E-books, books and subject related database available here

  • Is our institute accredited by AICTE / UGC?
    DIMES conduct programs which do not fall within the purview of All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) or University Grants Commission (UGC), since these institutions aimed to govern those institutions/colleges imparting full time MBA program.

  • What is Short Term or Modular courses?
    Short Term or modular is an option under which you can complete the course in half of its duration.

  • How to receive a duplicate ID Card?
    For duplicate ID Card student is required to pay Rs. 250

  • Will I get the fee receipt?
    Yes, on payment of full Program fees or Installments fee receipt will be given to the students.

  • Can we change our specialization?
    Yes, you can change his/her specialization on a special request, by paying some specified amount.

  • How to apply for DIMES courses?
    You can go to www.dimes.in, Fill up the application form available there and sent it to us with DD/Cheque in favour of Delhi Institute of Management and engineering studies or you can even pay online.

  • What are the examination modes?
    There are three modes:-
    a. Case-study based examination
    b. Email based examination
    c. Centre based examination

  • When Can I start my course?
    It is flexible program - you chose to commence your course - start date as per your option.

  • How are the study material distributed to the students?
    It is delivered to the students on its specified address through courier or students can take their study material from Institute.

  • What is the passing percentage in examination?
    Overall passing percentage is 40%.

  • When can we given our exams?
    Exams are taken half yearly i.e. June and December.

  • Do you provide a degree or a certificate?
    Management programs are professional courses, and we provide you with the certificates. The degree can only be provided by university and we were a self autonomous body, we cannot provide you with a degree.

  • Can I give the exams before 6 months?
    Yes you can, by paying the pre-examination fee Rs. 2500/- only.

  • Can I go for an extra specialization?
    Yes you can go for extra specialization . you have to pay Rs. 6000/- extra per specialization

  • After submitting my papers, in how many time (days) result will be declared?
    After submitting your papers, result will be declared with in 30-45 working days & you shall receive your certificates in 60 working days.

  • When I get my study material?
    After enrollment you will receive your study material in 30 working days.

  • How many specialization you offer?
    We offer more than 127 specializations.